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Sunday, July 21, 2019 
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Inmunofluorescencia terapéutica en clínica oncológica

July-September 2018, Volume 05, Number 3
José Vicente Ovejero-Solá
Consultorio Güemes, Sanatorio El Carmen, Ciudad de Salta, República Argentina

Immunotherapy represents a very attractive therapeutic alternative in the daily clinical oncology practice, due to its low toxicity and well-documented theoretical foundations. Multiple metabolic pathways have been described by which the tumor cells escape to the control of the immune system. Immunotherapy can be applied actively or passively, whether with donor antibodies or with immune stimulants. The proposed treatment is to stimulate the proliferation of T lymphocytes with thymomodulin while trying to alter the immunological identity of the tumor with fluorescein administered as a selective hapten on positive folate receptor tumor tissues.

Key words:
Immunocompetent cells. Thymomodulin. Selective hapten.
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